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Author: Jeni Wright
Publisher: London : BBC, 2008.
ISBNISSN: 9781846074349, 1846074347
Notes: 215 pages : color illustrations ; 16 cm.
Responsibility: 101 best ever chicken recipes
Other titles: Good Food.
Edition: Print book : English
Visionné le 4 août 2009. Besedilo v angl. in grškem jeziku. First book in series about Omri and Little Bull. Hardback. Paper over boards. Includes index. Theory. Non-linear Signal Processing --
Non-Gaussian Processes --
Sparse Signals and Compressed Sensing --
The Fourier Transform --
The Contribution of Arithmetic to Signal Processing --
Riemannian Geometry and Signal Processing --
Applications. MIMO Systems --
Minimizing Interferences in DS-CDMA Systems --
STAP Radar --
Tracking Radar (Using the Dempster Shafer Theory) --
InSAR Radar --
Telecommunications Networks --
Conclusion --
Bibliography --
Index --
Other titles from iSTE in Networks and Telecommunications. This reference features more than 350 biographies of individuals who have had a significant influence on the development of music, culminating with the advent of digital recording and downloading and beyond, with an emphasis on both musicians and production. Title from PDF title page (ACS publications, viewed Aug 27, 2009). Introduction --
Baldwin County --
Wayne County --
Wilkinson County. "This volume contains the Rayearth installments from MixxZine Magazine volumes no. 1:5 through 1:6 and volumes 2:2 through 2:4 in their entirety."
Comic strip. The natural setting --
The prehistoric trace --
Indian trails --
European contact in the south --
American settlement in the north --
The boatman's trail --
A national road --
Yers of neglect --
The Natchez Trace Parkway. Cover title.
"A chronological history of the British Civil Wars, in England, Scotland and Ireland. Covering all of the battles, events of the first Civil War leading up to the Regicide of King Charles I, the Second Civil War, the Third Civil War, the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, the Irish Confederate War. The establishment of the Commonwealth and the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector. The Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland, the first Anglo- Dutch war, the Anglo Spanish War, the colonizing of the New World, and the death of Oliver Cromwell and the events that lead to the Restoration of King Charles II in 1660."
Includes index. Indice. The complete final screenplay for the RKO film directed by Mark Sandrich.
"Dedicated with admiration, respect and affection to Fred Astaire."
"An Andrew Velez book." Life isn't easy when you re a transfer student: just ask Minato Arisato, Gekkoukan High School's newest transfer student. Strangers and unfamiliar scenery aside, Minato also has to contend with the fact that his school transforms into a Shadow-filled tower called Tartarus every night during the Dark Hour! Minato and two of his new friends Yukari and Junpei set out to investigate Tartarus to see what they can learn about this phenomenon, but can three high school students with little to no combat experience possibly survive the tower's horrors? Dosedanja vsebina: V: The new school of poetry and anonymous songs and hymns. --
482 str. pt. 1. Emotional Intelligence as a Foundation for Effective Coaching --
Ch. 1. Connecting Emotional Intelligence and Coaching --
Ch. 2. The Business Case for Building Emotional and Social Effectiveness in Coaching --
pt. 2. Building Emotional and Social Effectiveness Strategies in Your Client --
Ch. 3. Valuing Self --
Ch. 4. Valuing Others --
Ch. 5. Responsive Awareness --
Ch. 6. Courage --
Ch. 7. Authentic Success --
pt. 3. Developing the Coach --
Ch. 8. Emotions as a New Field of Learning --
Ch. 9. Developing Your Own Emotional Awareness as a Coach --
pt. 4. Case Studies --
Ch. 10. Coaching to Enhance, Develop, and Strengthen Emotional and Social Competencies in Government Leaders --
Ch. 11. Case Examples. Reprint. 146 S., Abb. - Orig. u. d. T.: Kinesiska Fragor / Kina Efter Mao (schwedisch). Teddy the Docter --
Teddy the Chef --
Teddy the Fireman --
Teddy the Gardener --
Teddy the Policeman --
Teddy the Builder. Tentative TOC: Part I Model Based System Specification Languages 1 Refining power consumption estimations in the component based AADL design flow; E. Senn, J. Laurent, E. Juin, and J.-P. Diguet 2 MARTE vs. AADL for Discrete-Event and Discrete-Time Domains; Frederic Mallet and Robert de Simone 3 Generation of MARTE Allocation Models from Activity Threads; Andreas W. Liehr, Klaus J. Buchenrieder, Heike S. Rolfs, and Ulrich Nageldinger 4 Model-Driven System Validation by Scenarios; Alessandro Carioni, Angelo Gargantini, Elvinia Riccobene, and Patrizia Scandurra 5 An Advanced Simulink Verification Flow Using SystemC; Kai Hylla, Jan-Hendrik Oetjens, and Wolfgang Nebel Part II Langugages for Heterogeneous System Design 6 VHDL-AMS Implementation of a Numerical Ballistic CNT Model; D. Zhou, T. Kazmierski, and B. Al-Hashimi 7 A Sigma-delta BandPass ADC modelling with VHDL-AMS; R. Guelaz, P. Desgreys, and P. Loumeau 8 SystemC-AMS modeling of an electromechanical harvester of vibration energy; K. Caluwaerts and D. Galayko Part III Digital Systems Design Methodologies based on C++ 9 Application Workload and SystemC Platform Modeling for Performance Evaluation; J. Kreku, M. Hoppari, T. Kestila, Y. Qu, J.-P. Soininen, and K. Tiensyrja 10 Adaptive Interconnect Models for Transaction-Level Simulation; Rauf Salimi Khaligh and Martin Radetzki 11 Enabling Automated Code Transformation and Variable Tracing; C. Kerstan, N. Bannow, and W. Rosenstiel 12 Symbolic Quasi-Static Scheduling of Actor-Oriented SystemC Models; J. Gladigau, C. Haubelt, and J. Teich 13 ASystemC Framework for Simulating Networked Embedded Systems; F. Fummi, D. Quaglia, and F. Stefanni 14 Modelling of Embedded Software Multitasking in SystemC/OSSS; Philipp Reinkemeier, Henning Kleen, and Wolfgang Nebel 15 A SystemC Language Extension for Modelling Reconfigurable Systems; Andreas Raabe and Armin Felke 16 Stream Programming for FPGAs; Franjo Plavec, Zvonko Vranesic, and Stephen Brown Part IV Verification and Requirements Evaluation 17 Verification Technique for Custom-Designed Components at the Arithmetic Bit Level; E. Pavlenko, M. Wedler, D. Stoffel, W. Kunz, O. Wienand, and E. Karibaev 18 Debugging Contradictory Constraints in Constraint-based Random Simulation; Daniel Grosse, Robert Wille, Robert Siegmund, and Rolf Drechsler 19 Requirements-Driven Simulation Framework for Communication Infrastructure; A. Meroni, V. Rana, M. Santambrogio, and F. Bruschi 20 Integrated Requirements Evaluation of Non-Functional System-on-Chip Properties; A. Viehl, B. Sander, O. Bringmann, and W. Rosenstiel A collection of songs and rhymes that involve finger play, for infants and toddlers. Biology of amber-producing trees : focus on case studies of Hymenaea and Agathis / Jean H. Langenheim --
Stable isotope composition of amber / Arie Nissenbaum and Dan Yakir --
Resin-derived hydrocarbons in fresh and fossil dammar resins and Miocene rocks and oils in the Mahakam Delta, Indonesia / Scott A. Stout --
Pyrolytic and spectroscopic studies of the diagenetic alteration of resinites / Tatsushi Murae, Shuji Shimokawa, and A. Aihara --
Maturation of class Ib (polylabdanoid) resinites / David J. Clifford and Patrick G. Hatcher --
New evidence concerning the structure, composition, and maturation of class I (polylabdanoid) resinites / Ken B. Anderson --
Gedanite and gedano-succinite / Edith C. Stout, Curt W. Beck, and Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz --
Unusual resin chemistry from Upper Carboniferous pteridosperm resin rodlets / P.F. van Bergen, M.E. Collinson, A.C. Scott, and J.W. de Leeuw --
Analysis of fossil resins from Axel Heiberg Island, Canadian Arctic / Ken B. Anderson and Ben A. LePage --
Resin from Africa and South America : criteria for distinguishing between fossilized and recent resin based on NMR spectroscopy / Joseph B. Lambert, Suzanne C. Johnson, and George O. Poinar, Jr. --
The age of Dominican amber / David A. Grimaldi --
The petrology of resinite in American coals / John C. Crelling --
Trace amino acid composition of natural resins : elucidating the nature of resinous artists' materials / S.M. Halpine --
Amino acids in the amber matrix and in entombed insects / Xueyun S. Wang, Hendrik N. Poinar, George O. Poinar, Jr., and Jeffrey L. Bada --
Dammar resin : a chemical model for reactions of Utah resinite / Richard Dutta and Harold H. Schobert --
Recovery and characterization of macroscopic fossil resins from Western coals / Q. Yu, L. Li, and J.D. Miller. Board book.
Boxed. Originally published: Tokyo : Kadokawa Corporation, 2008.
Reads from right to left. Cover title.