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Author: Rachel Cusk
Publisher: London : Granta, 2002.
ISBNISSN: 0903141523, 9780903141529
Notes: 254 s.
Responsibility: Bad company.

Preface Introduction by Dennis Hayes and Robin Wynyard Enchanting McUniversity: Towards a Spectacularly Irrational University Quotidian by George Ritzer The Bureaucratisation of the British University by Frank Furedi Accounting for Anxiety: Economic and Cultural Imperatives Transforming University Life by Barry Smart Modules and Markets: Education and Work in the "Information Age" by Gavin Poynter Digital Technologies and Competing Models of Higher Education by Caroline Hodges Persell The Online Campus by James Woudhuysen From Power Plays to Market Moves: The Standard in Higher Education by Alan Hudson Total Quality Control: Universities, Language and Politics by Marin Parker The Massification of Higher Education by Claire Fox Taking the Hemlock: The New Sophistry of Teacher Training for Higher Education by Dennis Hayes Did I Sign Up for This? Comments on the New Higher Education by Mary S. Evans Feminist Education: Rebellion within McUniversity by Jane A. Rinehart Novelty and Crisis in the World of McKnowledge by Joanne Finkelstein Does Rationality Gum Up the Educational System? by Ngure wa Mwachofi Hamburgerology by Degrees by Robin Wynyard Index Noveller Acknowledgments Introduction by Ian Westbury Research in Education and Didactics in Germany "Bildung": A Core Concept of German Didaktik General Didactics: A Theoretical Framework Can We (and What Can We) Learn from the History of Education? Content: Still in Question? Didactics as Construction of Content Throwing Dice: The Content of a Math Lesson The Formation of Conscience: A Lost Topic of Didactic Bild, Bildung, Weltbild Notes References Hundreds of questions and answers about movies. Brief pause before answer revealed. Contents:PART I: INTRODUCTION1. Internationalisation of Energy Law Kim Talus2. Institutional Actors in International Energy Law Sijbren de Jong and Jan Wouters3. Interface Between National and International Energy Law Stephan W. SchillPART II: INTERNATIONAL ENERGY INVESTMENTS4. Multilateral and Bilateral Energy Investment Treaties: Do We Need a Global Solution? Energy Charter Treaty as Objective Result of Evolution of the International Energy Markets and Instruments of Investment Protection and Stimulation Andrey A. Konoplyanik5. In Search of Investment Stability Peter Cameron 6. World Petroleum Regimes Mohd Naseem and Saman Naseem7. Energy and International BoundariesTim MartinPART III: INTERNATIONAL DISPUTE SETTLEMENT AND ENERGY 8. International Arbitration and Energy: How Energy Disputes Shaped International Dispute Resolution Anibal Sabater and Mark Stadnyk9. Recent Trends in Energy Disputes Kaj Hober10. The Role of the Court of Justice of European Union in the Energy Market Liberalization Sirja-Leena PenttinenPART IV: INTERNATIONAL TRADE IN ENERGY 11. The WTO Agreements and Energy Yulia Selivanova 12. The International Legal Instruments for Cross-border PipelinesIshrak Ahmed Siddiky13. Contractual Issues in International Gas Trade: LNG - the Key to the Golden Age of GasPeter Roberts and Ruchdi MaaloufPART V: INTERNATIONAL POVERTY, HUMAN RIGHTS AND ENERGY 14. Policy, Law, and the Actualization of the Right of Access to Energy Services Yinka Omorogbe15. Renewable Energy for Food and Water Security Projects in Dry-Land Countries: Towards a Model Legal Framework for the Qatar National Food Security Programme Rudiger P. TscherningPART VI: ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY16. Promotion of Renewable Electricity: Free Trade and Domestic Industrial DevelopmentAnton Ming-Zhi Gao17. EU Energy Efficiency Regulation and Governance: Lessons for the US?Lynne Holt and Mary GalliganPART VII: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN INTERNATIONAL ENERGY LAW18. Corruption and the Energy Sector: Inevitable Bedfellows?Lucinda A. Low and Richard J. Battaglia19. Transparency and International EnergyTonje Pareli Gormley20. The Regulation of Oil Spills from Offshore InstallationsAlex Wawryk21. Transit: The EU Energy Acquis and the Energy Charter Treaty Katja Yafimava22. International Energy Law, Institutions and GeopoliticsAndrei V. BelyiIndex Originally published in U.K.: 1961. Compact disc. Available from B. Lionnett, 2 Brazilia Drive, Glen Waverly Vic 3150. "There are books about pioneers that depict some of the history of the Great Migration West. Some of the women are well known and much has been written and spoken about them. This book is different. It grew from the loving looks into family trunks, family trees, or out of conversations with the oldest resident, or research and material from various historical societies and libraries of the northwest. The students in the class Women of the Northwest, Unsung Pioneers at Oregon State University during the bicentennial provided most of the material. If you had an ancestor or know anyone who had an ancestor who gathered in St. Louis, Missouri for the trip west, you probably will find the name in this book. It is the compilation of pieces of the lives of incredible women who traveled the Oregon Trail or ended up in the Oregon Territory. --p. [4] of cover. Reprint. Originally published: Albany : State University of New York Press, 1972. "Brenda Wilhelmson was like a lot of women in her neighborhood. She had a husband and two children. She was educated and made a good living as a writer. She had a vibrant social life with a tight circle of friends. She could party until dawn and take her children to school the next day. From the outside, she appeared to have it all together. But, in truth, alcohol was slowly taking over, turning her world on its side. Waking up to another hangover, growing tired of embarrassing herself in front of friends and family, and feeling important moments slip away, Brenda made the most critical decision of her life: to get sober. She kept a diary of her first year (and beyond) in recovery, chronicling the struggles of finding a meeting she could look forward to, relating to her fellow alcoholics, and finding a sponsor with whom she connected. Along the way, she discovered the challenges and pleasures of living each day without alcohol, navigating a social circle where booze is a centerpiece, and dealing with her alcoholic father's terminal illness and denial."--Page 4 of cover. Kaye Abbott --
Bethenia Angeline Owens Adair --
Helen Althaus --
Nettie Craig Jones Asberry --
Frances Cleveland Axtell --
Lola Greene Baldwin --
Eliza Lamb Barchus --
Jane Barnes --
Kate Stevens Bingham Bates --
Bertha Peachy McKinney Baughman --
Callie M. Bigbee --
Bertha Blanchett --
Amy Haines Book --
Mary Ann Kays Boren --
Harriet Southwell Bowman --
Stella Campbell Bowne --
Cecil Muriel Brown --
Tabitha Moffett Brown --
Elizabeth Rice Huff Byars --
Bertha Pitts Campbell --
Clara Little Campbell --
Mary A. Cannan --
Jennie Elizabeth Carroll --
Angeline Beleau Carter --
Susanne Holmes Carter --
Mary Ann Young Harris Chambers --
Califernia Brown Charlton --
Kathryn Clarke --
Beverly Bunn Cleary --
Helen Clark Conard --
Iva Meeker Conser --
Mary Porteous Cooper --
Clarinda Kisor Chambers Copeland --
Lessie Moorhouse Schaefer Cornelison --
Lucille Lois Danielson --
Jacqueline Deeds --
Mercedes Lopez Deiz --
Kathryn Gibson Dick --
Madame Marie Pierre Dorian --
Roverta Wilson Douthit --
Abigail Scott Duniway --
Marie Equi --
Belle Cooper Rinehart Ferguson. Dolly Hodges Fessler --
Myrtle Selene McGill Forty --
Helen Margaret Gilkey --
Carolyn J. Gleason (Sister Miriam Theresa) --
Mary Augusta Dix Gray --
Amelia Hadley --
Esther Belle McMillan Hanna --
Caroline Haun --
Sarah Helmick --
Elizabeth Nelson Henderson --
Caroline Shaffer Hoffman --
Jeanne M. Holm --
Nan Wood Honeyman --
Lydia yoakam Horsfall --
Lutilda Rice Huff --
Margaret W. Inman --
Jane D. Kellogg --
Moriah Malden Crain Kelly --
Maude Irome Kerns --
Rebecca Ketchum --
Genevieve E. Kidd --
Ida Angeline Clarke Kidder --
Marjorie Pitter King --
Margie Young Knowles --
Bertha Knight Landes --
Mamie McCluskey Litchfield --
Esther Clayson Pohl Lovejoy --
Isabelle Tyson Mann --
Mary Cooper Matheny --
Jane Mason McCully --
Verna Hunter Mendenhall --
Ada Coalman Millican --
Anna Louise Mohan --
Lottie E. Morgan --
Harriet "Hattie" Luckett Noble --
Olive Jane Kist Nye --
Elese Anderson Ofstedahl --
Evelyn Payne Parry --
Norma Peterson Paulus --
Alice Applegate Peil --
Agnes Pitchford --
Mary McNamara Randleman --
Dixy Lee Ray --
Corillia Bradford Tilman Robbins --
Betty Cantrell Rice Roberts --
Ellen Clara Sabin --
Sacagawea --
Anna Bungers Schamoni --
Elizabeth Dixon Geer Smith --
Florence Mason Smith. Laura Belle Cauthorn Smith --
Margaret Comstock Snell --
Catherine "Kay" Lyon Somers --
Clara Johnson Stauff --
Mary Scott Stewart --
Buena Cobb Stone --
Marian B. Towne --
Linda Copple Trout --
Fern C. Trull --
Umatilla women --
Nellie Smith Vernon --
Elizabeth Waechter --
Agnes Stewart Warner --
Eliza Spalding Warren --
Lillian Ramsey Watts --
Mrs. Charles West --
Narcissa Prentiss Whitman --
Chloe Aurella Clarke Willson --
Ella Ehmsen Wilson --
Sarah Winnemucca --
Elizabeth Wood --
Mary Ramsey Wood --
Mary Allen Wright --
Yoncalla women. Notice rédigée d'après la jaquette.