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Download ebook Folktales of French Canada PDF, TXT, FB2

Author: Edith Fowke
Publisher: Toronto : NC Press, 1979.
Genre: Folklore
Notes: 1 online resource (144 pages) : illustrations
Responsibility: Folktales of French Canada
Edition: eBook : Document : English
Includes indexes.

The lake --
The cichlids, a species flock --
Malaŵian cichlid taxonomy --
The wave-washed upper rocky habitat --
The sediment-free rocky habitat --
The deep sediment-rich rocky habitat --
The intermediate habitat --
The shallow intermediate habitat --
Shallow sediment-rich bays --
The sandy habitat --
The unknown depths. Campus life : the basics --
Campus life : the details --
To your health --
Local services : surviving on your own --
Where to eat and where to meet --
Recreation, entertainment, and the arts --
Stop n shop --
Blah, blah, and whatever. Cover subtitle: India's timeless and practical scripture presented as a manual for everyday use.
Includes index. pt. 1. Childhood --
My mother has a prophetic dream --
Raised by a family of 4,000 monks --
Life during the great leap forward --
Following a Tibetan hero --
pt. 2. Under the dragon's claw --
"Comets in the sky, chaos on Earth" --
Enter the Cultural Revolution --
Removing paper hats --
pt. 3. On the political stage --
A communist matchmaker meets the Panchen Lama --
The sacred tree and the time machine --
Becoming a political Buddhist --
pt. 4. Taking flight --
Stepping into my birthright --
The feast of privilege reveals its price --
Final days with the dragon --
From Kumbum to Kumbum West --
Epilogue --
Appendix: How Buddhism came to Tibet, and the lineage of the Arjia Rinpoches --
Glossary of terms and names. A forefront Buddhist leader describes his witness to the torture and arrest of his family and teachers by Chinese authorities, his suffering at the sides of fellow monks under occupier "reeducation" practices, and his eventual escape to Tibet. Foreword / Arianna Huffington --
Preface / Bob Cesca --
ch. 1. Argumentum in terrorem --
ch. 2. Endless war --
ch. 3. The no attacks mythology --
ch. 4. Bottled liquids are banned from this chapter --
ch. 5. The FISA feargasm --
ch. 6. The Chickenhawk Awards --
ch. 7. what's the matter with Zanesville, Ohio? --
ch. 8. The ultimate fear bomb --
ch. 9. It's 3 a.m. --
ch. 10. The great fear of 2008 --
ch. 11. he atheist's nightmare --
ch. 12. Paruresis --
Conclusion. "A comprehensive guide to colleges and universities with the best programs, services, and student organizations for LGBT students."--Cover. Includes index. Title from container.
For windows, not compatible with Macintosh.
"EB you can do it." Written by certified teachers and professional translators with a focus on exam preparation. Focus is on exam preparation by helping with Grammar, vocabulary, and phrases you need to know to test well. Prepare for quizzes & tests, AP, PRAXIS II, SAT II, CLEP, N.Y. Regents, travel. Foreword. Building a coffin / Douglas R. Tompkins. Introduction. The mine as a metaphor / Tom Butler. Part I: Appalachia: Beauty, biodiversity, and culture imperiled. Appalachia: land of diversity / George Wuerthner. Part II: Cradle to grave: coal's deadly legacy. Cradle to grave: coal is the enemy of the biosphere / Tom Butler. Part III. Appalachia under attack: Big coal's war on nature and people. Appalachia imperiled: fighting back to save the land and people / Mary Anne Hitt --
The power to move perceptions: Orwellian language in the land of coal / Erik Reece --
Habitat lost: exploding mountains, missing wildlife / Matthew Wasson --
Mountaintop removal: the destruction of Appalachia / Jack Spadaro --
Restoration economy: reclaiming the land and our communities / Samir Doshi --
The seasonal round: mountain life and the commons of biocultural diversity / Mary Hufford --
Agents of destruction: broad-form deeds and the birth of Big Coal / Harry M. Caudill --
Buffalo Creek, West Virginia: disaster on February 26, 1972 / Kai Erikson. Part IV. Testimonies: Coalfield residents speak out. My life is on the line / Maria Gunnoe --
We can't live without water / Teri Blanton --
Flooding us out / Lucious Thompson --
They do what they want / Pam Maggard --
We won't shut up / Judy Bonds. Part V. The big mess: the enduring stain of coal-related pollution. Fighting for America: mountaintop removal and the subversion of democracy / Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. --
Lakes of waste: coal slurry impoundments / Vivian Stockman --
Coal's catch-22: toxic combustion waste a growing menace / Lisa Gollin Evans. Part VI. Disfiguring a region: missing mountains, buried streams. A photographic gallery of destruction from the coalfields. Part VII. Energy, nature, and society: coal's global impact. Unnecessary and stupid: an economy based on ruin / David W. Orr --
Coal's climate connection: toward the point of no return / Ross Gelbspan --
Power down: peak coal coming / Richard Heinberg --
Sin fuel: the coal-to-liquids boondoggle / Carl Pope --
King coal's shiny new lie: clean coal coming (don't believe it) / John Blair --
No such thing as clean coal: cutting emissions doesn't cut it / Cindy Rank. Part VIII. Resistance: the long march to abolition. Compromise, hell! / Wendell Barry --
It ought to be outlawed: the movement to ban strip mining in Appalachia, 1954-1977 / Chad Montrie --
Abolition: the only solution / Ken Hechler --
A cal to action: building the movement to end mountaintop removal / Jerry Hardt --
Resources for action. Afterword. Desecration / Denise Giardina --
About the contributors --
The photographers: a tribute --
Acknowledgements. Plundering Appalachia is a collection of photographs and essays detailing the grim realities of mountaintop removal mining: the effects of the blasting on the environment and the people and animals in its wake; the irreversible devastation of the natural landscape of Appalachia; how mountaintop removal is or is not regulated; and the true costs of the practice over time. Most people in the United States are connected to mountaintop removal in some way, whether they live in the affected areas, consume products derived from the mining haul, or are dealing with the effects that mining has on their ecosystem. Plundering Appalachia is a clarion call to action, asking Americans to get past the rhetoric of the coal industry and see the real Appalachia. Supported by science and common sense, the book is a plea for a region whose natural beauty deserves to be enjoyed by future generations.