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Edge of danger by Jack Higgins Download ebook FB2, DOCX, DOC, AZW

Author: Jack Higgins
Publisher: London : Harper, 2015.
ISBNISSN: 9780008124908, 0008124906
Genre: Thrillers (Fiction), Fiction
Notes: 228 Seiten
Responsibility: Edge of danger
Edition: Print book : Fiction : English : Paperback edition
Originally published: 2001.

Die Vorlage enth. insgesammt 2 Werke An intimate profile of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, charting the last seven months in the run-up to the April 2002 coup attempt against him, and his dramatic return to power some 48 hours later. Compact disc. "A biography of American actress and singer Hilary Duff"--Provided by publisher. It hasn't rained in a hundred days, it's hotter than Beelzebub's oven, and the ground is harder than a castiron skillet. The good folks of Ebb, Nebraska, could surely use a miracle. Lifelong residents are fleeing, and the town is on the verge of collapse. Wilma Porter, the owner of the Come Again B & B and her friends from the Quilting Circle need to do something to save Ebb, and fast. But short of praying for rain, there's little even the powerful Quilting Circle can do. Enter Vernon L. Moore. The last time this mysterious traveling salesman came to stay at the Come Again B & B, he turned the town around in six days. When he left, he became a legend. Wilma and her friends have come to expect surprises from Mr. Moore, but this time they're stunned when he brings help: three widows from the town of Eden with pasts as enigmatic as his. Preface Executive Summary CHAPTER ONE: Introduction CHAPTER TWO: Background 2.1 Benefits and pitfalls in the use of markets 2.2 The switch to a market in the NHS 2.3 The way the NHS market operates today 2.4 The rationale for introducing a market in the NHS 2.5 The productivity imperative facing the NHS 2.6 The evidence on the market in the NHS to date CHAPTER THREE: Methodology 3.1 Concepts and scope 3.2 Design and sample 3.3 Analysis 3.4 Limitations 3 PART 1: Is the market working? CHAPTER FOUR: Core Findings 4.1 Changes in responsiveness and customer service 4.2 No clear impact on equity 4.3 Isolated examples of the market driving innovation 4.4 Little evidence linking the market to quality improvement 4.5 Organisational efficiency up but questionable effects across the system 4.6 Discussion PART 2: Why isn't the market delivering greater benefits? CHAPTER FIVE: Is the concept of a market in the NHS flawed? 5.1 The market is considered less effective than other means of driving performance in providers a. Targets, quality initiatives and the open publication of information b. 'Preferred' providers, PCT self-provision and integrated care organisations 5.2 Wider problems stemming from markets in health care a. Collaboration undermined b. Wasted resources c. Uninformed and ineffective consumers d. Profits before patients 5.3 Political and centralised nature of the NHS may forever quash market incentives a. Constantly changing policy b. Government targets c. Unwillingness to accept hospital closures 5.4 Discussion a. What market? b. Market mechanisms, even in their current form, have still had impact c. Support for the market structure CHAPTER SIX: Is the market being stifled and distorted? PART A: Distortions in the market 6A.1 Structural imbalance of power between purchasers and providers a. PCTs are too small relative to providers b. Acute trusts are more established in the health system c. Practice-based commissioners are underpowered 6A.2 Uneven playing field 6A.3 Problems with payment-by-results 6A.4 The role of GPs 6A.5 Discussion PART B. Stifling influences in the market 6B.1 Practical obstacles to tendering a. Lack of alternative options b. Time consuming tendering processes c. Bullying from NHS trusts d. Quality of data questionable e. PCTs feel locked into relationships with providers 6B.2 Underdeveloped skills on the part of purchasers and providers PCTs a. Weak management b. Underdeveloped commissioning skills Providers a. 'Classic monopolists' b. Cost control in NHS providers 6B.3 Stifling political and cultural environment a. Command and control b. An attachment to the 'comfortable life' c . Reluctant consumers d. The 'NHS family' 6B.4 Discussion CHAPTER SEVEN: What should be done? Annex A: Department of Health guidance on PCT procurement and tendering Annex B: Different strategies for procurement and contract management Annex C: The NHS in England: The operating framework for 2008/9 - Principles and rules for co-operation and competition Notes Originally published: London : Bell, 1960. "An illustrated sourcebook, timeline and lexicon exploring how to know the Divine, honor all creation and see God everywhere, in everyone"--Cover.
Includes lexicon. Klondike novitiate --
Han country --
Subarctic skid row --
Crows and sea gulls --
Trail of the Chipewyan --
With reserve --
Bush apprenticeship --
Forests aflame. Cover title. "This book recounts Michael and Leesie's final journey. Michael takes Leesie to the Cayman Islands to heal. Time, sunshine, and Michael's devotion free her of physical pain, but grief and guilt haunt her. Michael will do anything to find the old Leesie who prayed, spoke of visions, and kept the rules. For Leesie, that girl is lost forever. Rules? What's the point now? She's ready to break every one"--Publisher's description. Literaturverz. S. XXIX - XXXIII Giving back --
The early years --
Suddenly, a star --
Making music --
Duff's stuff --
Doing it all --
A year of changes --
Dignity --
A bright future. Literaturangaben Also known as Chavez: inside the coup.
Originally produced as a documentary film in 2002.
DVD issued with text by Rod Stoneman: Chávez : the revolution will not be televised : a case study of politics and the media (London : Wallflower Press, 2008).