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Author: Michael E Beall
Publisher: Indianapolis : New Riders, 1998.
ISBNISSN: 1562058983, 9781562058982
Genre: manuel
Notes: 1274 p. : ill. ; 24 cm + 1 CD-ROM
Responsibility: Inside AutoCAD 14
Edition: Print book : English : Limited ed

Introduction. I. INTRODUCING AUTOCAD RELEASE. 1. Exploring the New R14 Interface. II. STARTING NEW PROJECTS WITH R14. 2. Before the Drawing Begins: Planning and Organizing Projects. 3. Setting Up the AutoCAD 14 Drawing Environment. 4. Organizing Drawings with Layers. 5. Using Linetypes Effectively. III. CREATING AND EDITING DRAWINGS. 6. Creating Drawings with R14. 7. Creating Elementary Objects. 8. Creating Polylines and Splines. 9. Creating Complex Objects. 10. Basic Object Editing. 11. Advanced Geometry Editing. 12. Creating and Using Blocks. 13. External References. 14. Querying Objects. IV. ANNOTATING, DIMENSIONING, AND PLOTTING WITH R14. 15. Paper Space. 16. Text Annotation. 17. Drawing Hatch Patterns. 18. Productive Dimensioning. 19. Advanced Dimensioning. 20. Productive Plotting. V. CUSTOMIZING AND ADVANCED CONCEPTS. 21. Customizing without Programming. 22. Creating Scripts and Slide Libraries. 23. Introduction to AutoLISP Programming. 24. ActiveX Automation. 25. AutoCAD SQL Environment (ASE). VI. CAD ON THE INTERNET. 26. Publishing on the Web. 27. Project Collaboration over the Internet. VII. AUTOCAD IN. 28. Introduction to. 29. Drawing in 3D in AutoCAD. 30. Surfacing in. 31. Solid Modeling. 32. Rendering in. 33. Mechanical Desktop Parametric Modeling and Drawings. 34. Modeling and Downstream Applications for 3D Solid Models. VIII. AUTOCAD DISCIPLINES. 35. Using AutoCAD Map. 36. Architectural Design. IX. REFERENCE MATERIALS. A. AutoCAD 14 Bonus Pack Reference and Tutorials. B. System Variables Reference. C. Dimensioning Variables Reference. D. Exercise Index. Index.

"All the best tips, projects and repairs from last year"--Cover.
Includes index. Includes index. Introduction to JavaScript --
Core JavaScript. Lexical structure ; Types, values, and variables ; Expressions and operators ; Statements ; Objects ; Arrays ; Functions ; Classes and modules ; Pattern matching with regular expressions ; JavaScript subsets and extensions ; Server-side JavaScript --
Client-side JavaScript. JavaScript in web browsers ; The window object ; Scripting documents ; Scripting CSS ; Handling events ; Scripted HTTP ; The jQuery library ; Client-side storage ; Scripted media and graphics ; HTML5 APIs --
Core JavaScript reference --
Client-side JavaScript reference. Using ICT to support teaching and learning in the primary humanitiesUsing ICT to support teaching and learning in primary geographyUsing ICT to support teaching and learning in primary historyUsing ICT to support teaching and learning in primary REUsing ICT to support teaching and learning in primary citizenshipSupporting ICT skills, knowledge and understanding Chapter One A CEREMONIAL VIRGIN Chapter Two MAGNETS + MAESTROS Chapter Three BEGINNERS LUCK Chapter Four LANKY YANK Chapter Five CALIFORNIA DREAMING Chapter Six PIE IN THE SKY Chapter Seven SPECTAK DOES EXPO Chapter Eight FLAPS OVER FROCKS Chapter Nine HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH Chapter Ten SPECTAK GOES EAST Chapter Eleven TROPICAL DELIGHTS Chapter Twelve CAPITAL CATALANS Chapter Thirteen ANOTHER OPENING, ANOTHER SHOW Chapter Fourteen WE GO TO A LAND DOWN UNDER Chapter Fifteen SOCOG GETS SERIOUS Chapter Sixteen TEAMWORK, FUN + GAMES Chapter Seventeen MORE FUN + GAMES Chapter Eighteen KEEPING THE FLAME ALIVE Epilogue Title from disc surface.
Multiformat disc for Windows and Macintosh. "This book contains over 65 selected poems from over 50 different best known Somali poets af different times from 18th century until today. Many of the leading Somali poets for the last two centu[a]ries are included in this collection."--Publisher's website. Includes bibliographical references and index Compiles all 34 issues of Piss Clear from 1995 to 2007, and includes a brand-new essay from longtime columnist Malderor. Cabdulle Raage Taraawiil --
Max'ed Gacal Xaayow --
Abshir Nuur Faarax Bacadle --
Sayid Max'ed Cabdulle Xassan --
Sh. Axmed Gabyow "Wacdiyow" --
C/llaahi Suldaan "Timacadde" --
Max'ed Ibrahim Warsame "Hadraawi" --
C/qaadir Xersi Yamyam --
Careys Ciise Kaarshe --
Max'ud C/llaahi Ciise "Sangub" --
Cilmi Barow Cali --
Max'ed Xaashi Dhamac "Gaarriye" --
Aadan Carab Axmed --
Qammaan Bulxan --
Faarax Shuuriye --
Cali Cilmi Afyare --
Khaliif Sheikh Max'ud --
Cali Dhuux Aadan --
Ismaaciil Mire --
Raage Ugaas --
Cali Jaamac Haabiil --
Salaan M.M. "Salaan Carabey" --
C/llaahi Dhoodaan --
Axmed Dhaqane Xassan "Subkane" --
Siciid Sh. Max'ud "Siciid Gacamey" --
Jimcaale Dhegataag --
Max'ed Warsame Tabantaabo --
Max'ed Cali Kaariye --
Cabdi Muxhumed Amiin --
Cabdulle Geedanaar --
Sh. Cali C/raxmaan Fiqi --
Axmed Caalin Caddaan --
Max'ud Cali Calasow "Jaani Dheere" --
Mustafe Sheikh Cilmi --
Muxudiin Axmed Cali "Laashin muluq" --
Max'ed Xassan Farey "Suufi" --
Shidane Xussein Beyr --
Max'ud Max'ed "Garcadde" --
Carabow Max'ed Axmed "Carabow Dheere" --
Cabdulle ow Muusse --
Amiin Sh. Max'ed --
C/llaahi Macallin Cabdi Sahal "Cirro" --
Xassan Xaaji C/llaahi "Xassan Ganey" --
Abwaan Xassan Sheikh Muumin --
Bacadle, MMJ, Garuun, Qaamuus, Carabow & Caddow Bidixey. v. 1. Orientation --
v. 2. Research --
v. 3. Reason --
v. 4. Materia --
v. 5. Refine. Originally published: London: CIMA, 2000.
Includes index. "The ultimate design source book for crafters is a compendium volume of illustrations taken from the Design Source Books: Flower designs, Oriental flower designs, Chinese designs, Japanese designs, Indian designs, Egyptian designs, Celtic designs, Medieval designs, Victorian designs, Art nouveau designs, Art deco designs, Angel & fairy designs, Mythical creatures, Christmas designs, Halloween designs, Wedding designs, Classic border designs and Decorative initials."--Inside back cover. An oath sworn in friendship takes Drizzt Do'urden on a quest like no other - to find the legendary Mithril Hall, birthplace of Bruenor Battlehammer and his dwarven ancestors! But even as Drizzt searches for the key to Bruenor's past, he is forced to confront his own tragic history all over again.

12-16 yrs.