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Author: Leslie Gardiner
Publisher: Londres : Lomond Books, 1995
ISBNISSN: 0947782982, 9780947782986
Genre: Pictorial works
Notes: 96 pages : color illustrations, color map, color portraits ; 33 cm
Responsibility: L'Amour de l'Ecosse
Caption title.
Sheffield city centre at scale 1:7454.
Includes index. Ed. previa: 1961. Translation of: Ecole en folie. Organised by state, the book covers walks to suit every level, grading them easy, medium or hard. The 40 selected walks embrace a broad spectrum of landscapes ranging from deserts and unique inland features to rainforests, spectacular islands and coastal areas. Detailed route directions, track notes and time estimates included. "IEEE Catalog Number: 02TH8611 (softbound) ; IEEE Catalog Number: 02TH8611C (CD-ROM)"--Title page verso. These 4 plays (with 2 additional plays) previously published in 1958 as v. 1 of the Classic theatre under title: Six Italian plays. Middle-age looms. Her nubile daughter is oversexed. Her atheist son has become a televangelist. Her husband hasn't left the guest room in two months. Spume ants have invaded her lawn and spittle bees have taken over her eaves. Her mother has become a mercy killer, doing in entire floors of nursing homes in one sweep. Sara's only joy is her wicked passive-aggressive behavior at work, where she touts broccoli's magnificent impotence curing qualities, much to the chagrin of the Crucifer Council. Then Sara is diagnosed with a post-modern malady and her mother attempts to put her out of her misery. Editorial note / Gerald P. Koocher --
Questions of scientific responsibility : the Baltimore case / Serge Lang --
On being a whistleblower : the Needleman case / Claire B. Ernhart, Sandra Scarr, and David R. Geneson --
Reply to Ernhart, Scarr, and Geneson / Herbert M. Needleman --
Whistleblowing : a very unpleasant avocation / Robert L. Sprague --
The forum (Inside information) / Discussed by Frederick R. Kobrick, Marc A. Rodwin, and Gary R. VandenBos. Robert Herjavec has lived the classic "rags to riches" story. He has gone from having only $20 in his pocket to starting up technology companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The son of Croatian immigrants, Herjavec overcame the odds and amassed incredible wealth, doing so through pure hard work and determination. Currently a star on television's Dragons' Den and Shark Tank, where he bankrolls the best inventions and shoots down the best intentions, Herjavec always stresses the value of bold ideas, persistence and having the guts to make the tough decisions. And now, for the first time, he shares his hard-won wisdom in one of the most inspirational business books of the year. Driven is organized by the fifty work and life principles that made Robert Herjavec both wealthy and successful (indeed, these terms are not synonymous). He reveals the secrets that took him from waiting tables to growing his nascent technology company, The Herjavec Group, into a world-class conglomerate. He challenges his readers to learn from failure and to profit from changes, to recognize that everything in life involves selling and to understand that there is no finish line. His principles are as valuable in the living room as they are in the boardroom. Anyone can succeed, on their own terms, by following his sage but simple advice -- as long as they're willing to take chances, seize control of their future and stay true to their vision. Whether you're looking to finally go after that promotion, to take your business to the next level, or to pursue your dream of being an entrepreneur, Driven is an insightful and engaging roadmap to success. - Jacket flap.

Driven is organized by the fifty work and life principles that made Robert Herjavec both wealthy and successful (indeed, these terms are not synonymous). He reveals the secrets that took him from waiting tables to growing his nascent technology company, The Herjavec Group, into a world-class conglomerate. The Groove High students deal with the fun and embarrassment of school parents' day, including a visit from the famous choreographer Philippe Kauffman, whose son Ed is a student at there. TV tie-in. Logical impiricism: truth as reason and sense experience --
Hermeneutics: truth as understanding --
Systems theory: truth as a whole --
Feminism: truth as being woman --
Phenomenology: truth as authenticity --
Critical theory: truth as unmasking --
African philosophy: truth as African --
Critical rationalism: truth as exploration --
Postmodernism: truth as an illusion --
Nihilism: truth as meaninglessness. Know a good deal when you see it --
Appreciate what it takes to succeed --
Be who you are, not who you think you are --
Put yourself in the investor's shoes --
How to pitch a good idea and how not to --
Why pitches go wrong --
Believe in yourself --
Having one good idea is never enough --
Why you should work for free sometimes --
The power of money and the importance of passion --
Embrace chaos --
Seize opportunity --
Learn from failure, profit from change --
Be your own boss --
Your customers always come first --
Honesty is still the best policy --
The world and your business doesn't need another you --
Be the hot dog supplier, not the hot dog stand --
Train for a marathon, prepare for a sprint --
Why it's hard for good soldiers to make great businesspeople --
When necessary, burn the ships --
Don't bank on the banks --
How less can become more --
Prepare to wear the black hat --
How to play hardball without feeling bad --
Recognize the ABCs of MBAs --
Put your money on the driven businessperson --
The quality of your performance depends on the quality of your competition --
Forget a balanced life --
Never start a business you can't run yourself --
Everything in life involves selling something --
Everyone in your organization should be a salesperson --
Have fun --
Look good --
Follow the three commandments --
The best people don't always apply for the job --
Humility is more effective than arrogance --
Know what you need to know --
Foster an epidemic of enthusiasm --
If they can't catch you, they can't squash you --
Never accept the first offer --
Listen to your heroes --
Why you shouldn't pay yourself the most --
Fly your hopes, but walk your expectations --
Keep your eyes fixed on the road ahead --
A vague sense of dissatisfaction --
Ensure support in your home life --
Money will change you --
Change what you can, tolerate what you must --
There is no finish line. "Special issue: whistleblowing and scientific misconduct"--Prelim. "Includes CD with templates and project samples"--Cover.
Grades 4 and up. The mandrake / Niccolò Machiavelli --
Ruzzante returns from the wars / Angelo Beolco --
The servant of two masters / Carlo Goldoni --
The king stag / Carlo Gozzi. Provides answers to such children's questions as "Why can't I hear God talking to me?" and "How big is God?". Death reign of the vampire king --
The pain emperor. Met reg.
1e dr.: 1967. The things that are not there --
Idiot savant.