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Publisher: London : Collins Educational, 2010.
ISBNISSN: 9780007340309, 0007340303
Genre: Examinations, Examinations, questions, etc
Notes: pages
Responsibility: New GCSE maths. Edexcel linear. Homework book. Higher 2.
Edition: Print book : English

In the early 1950s, an 11-year-old boy in Colombo boards a ship bound for England. At mealtimes he is seated at the?cat?s table??as far from the Captain?s Table as can be?with a ragtag group of?insignificant? adults and two other boys. As the narrative moves between the decks and holds of the ship and in and out of the boy?s adult years, it tells a spellbinding story?by turns poignant and electrifying?about the magical, often forbidden discoveries of childhood and a lifelong journey that begins unexpectedly with a spectacular sea voyage. Michael Ondaatje is a master storyteller and uses symbols and imagery in a most unusual way. The Bookclub-in-a-Box guide for Michael Ondaatje?s book will spark discussion around the following topics: Is this novel a memoir or a work of fiction? Are youthful experiences simply adventures? How do they impact the adults we become? Immigration involves changing countries, new languages, different cultural traditions, and learning how to interact with a diversity of new people. Do Children adapt more easily than adults? Every Bookclub-in-a-Box discussion guide includes complete coverage of the themes and symbols, writing style and interesting background information on the novel and the author. VOLUME ONEPreface: The Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and the Commonwealth - John Gledhill and James Fairhead Foreword: Thinking Anthropologically, About British Social Anthropology - John L. Comaroff and Jean ComaroffIntroduction: Flying Theory, Grounded Method - Richard Fardon PART ONE: INTERFACES - Edited by Cris Shore and Richard A. WilsonIntroduction: Anthropology's Interdisciplinary Connections - Cris Shore and Richard A. WilsonAnthropology and Linguistics - Alessandro DurantiAnthropology and Psychology - Christina TorenAnthropology of Biomedicine and Bioscience - Sarah FranklinAnthropology and Art - Arnd SchneiderAnthropology, Media and Cultural Studies - Kevin LathamAnthropology and Public Policy - Cris ShoreAnthropology and Law - Sally Engle MerryAnthropology and History - Jane K. CowanAnthropology and Archaeology - Julian ThomasAnthropology, Economics and Development Studies - Keith HartAnthropology and the Political - Jennifer Curtis and Jonathan SpencerAnthropology and Religious Studies - Martin MillsAnthropology and Museums - Brian DurransAnthropology and Gender Studies - Henrietta L. MooreAnthropology and the Postcolonial - Richard WerbnerAnthropology and Literature - C.W. WatsonPART TWO: PLACES - Edited by Mark NuttallIntroduction: Place, Region, Culture, History: From Area Studies to a Globalized World - Mark NuttallThe Circumpolar North: Locating the Arctic and Sub-Arctic - Mark NuttallReplacing Europe - Sarah GreenRetroversion, Introversion, Extraversion: Three Aspects of African Anthropology - David PrattenRefiguring the Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa - Glenn BowmanSouthwest and Central Asia: Comparison, Integration or Beyond? - Magnus MarsdenSouth Asia: Intimacy and Identities, Politics and Poverty - Patricia Jeffery and Roger JefferyModernization and its Aftermath: The Anthropology of Japan - D.P. MartinezThe Emerging Socio-Cultural Anthropology of Emerging China - J.S. EadesArchipelagic Southeast Asia - Roy EllenAustralasian Contrasts - Nicolas Peterson, Don Gardner and James UrryAustralia - Nicolas PetersonMelanesia - Don GardnerNew Zealand/Aotearoa - James UrryTwo Indigenous Americas - Kathleen Lowrey and Pauline Turner StrongNorth America - Pauline Turner StrongSouth America - Kathleen LowreyNorth and Latin American National Societies from a Continental Perspective - John Gledhill and Peter WadeMigration and Other Forms of Movement - Vered AmitThe Cosmopolitan World - Nigel RapportThe Indigenous World - Robert K. Hitchcock and Maria SapignoliVOLUME TWOPART THREE: METHODS - Edited by the late Olivia Harris and Veronica StrangIntroduction: Issues of Method - Richard Fardon and Veronica StrangFieldwork Since the 1980s: Total Immersion and its Discontents - Janet CarstenBetween Routine and Rupture: The Archive as Field Event - Tristan PlattThe Role of Language in Ethnographic Method - Susan GalThe Ethnographic Interview in an Age of Globalization - Joshua BarkerInterpreting Texts and Performances - Karin BarberBlurred Visions: Reflecting Visual Anthropology - Rupert Cox and Christopher WrightArtefacts in Anthropology - Liana Chua and Amiria SalmondKnowledge and Experimental Practice: A Dialogue Between Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies - Penelope HarveyTwenty-first Century Ethics for Audited Anthropologists - Nayanika MookherjeeEthics Out of the Ordinary - Michael LambekResearching Zones of Conflict and War - Paul RichardsConflicts and Compromises? Experiences of Doing Anthropology at the Interface of Public Policy - Tim Allen and Melissa ParkerFrom Participant-Observation to Participant-Collaboration: Some Observations on Participatory-cum-Collaborative Approaches - Paul SillitoeComparative Methods in Socio-Cultural Anthropology Today - Andre GingrichPART FOUR: FUTURES - Edited by Trevor H.J. MarchandIntroduction: Anthropologies to Come - Trevor H.J. MarchandSection 4.1: Neo-Darwinism, Biology and the Brain Sciences Anthropology and Neo-Darwinism - Robin I.M. DunbarCognition, Evolution and the Future of Social Anthropology - Harvey WhitehouseNeuroanthropology - Greg DowneyKnowledge in Hand: Explorations of Brain, Hand and Tool - Trevor H.J. MarchandSection 4.2: After Development: Environment, Food, Energy, Disaster Environment and Society: Political Ecologies and Moral Futures - James Fairhead and Melissa LeachAnthropological Encounters with Economic Development and Biodiversity Conservation - Laura M. RivalNew Directions in the Anthropology of Food - Jakob A. Klein, Johan Pottier and Harry G. WestWater, Land and Territory - Veronica StrangThe Anthropology of Disaster Aftermath - Edward SimpsonSection 4.3: Demographics, Health and the Transforming BodyDemographies in Flux - Sophie DayNew Medical Anthropology - Helen LambertThe Anthropology of Drugs - Axel KleinTransforming Bodies: The Embodiment of Sexual and Gender Difference - Andrea CornwallSection 4.4: New Technologies and Materialities New Materials and New Technologies: Science, Design and the Challenge to Anthropology - Susanne K chlerAnthropology and Emerging Technologies: Science, Subject and Symbiosis - Ron EglashFrom Media Anthropology to the Anthropology of Mediation - Dominic BoyerAnthropology in the New Millennium - Christopher PinneyAfterword: A Last Word on Futures - Marilyn Strathern