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Publisher: Reston : American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics, 2011.
Responsibility: AIAA Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems
Originally published: London : John Murray, 1891. A young woman, publicly scorned for bearing an illegitimate child, refuses to be vanquished by the seventeenth-century Boston community. "Aligned to NCTM standards"--Cover.
"211222." Hidalgo y Costilla Gallaga, Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio (1753-1811). Vol. 2 compiled and edited by David L. Campbell and others.
Includes index.
Updating decision: LC copy not updated. Previous edition : 2007. Our new challenges in the academy --
Undulating terrorism and hurricanes --
The new engrossed campus --
Intellectual wonderment --
Pacesetters in Mississippi as a microcosm --
Our new liberating curriculum --
Law schools and teaching taxonomies --
Thematic tenets as teaching templates --
Ideas into practice --
Beacons as demonstrables --
Prototypes for the arts --
Prototypes for social and behavioral science --
Ethics and the creative process --
References. Title from title frames. Originally published: 1997. Cover title: The Playboy interview: the best of three decades, 1962-1992. GHCD28.
Cataloged from container. Includes index. House rule --
The tale of Hauk --
Of pigs and men --
A logical conclusion --
The valor of Cappen Varra --
The gate of the flying knives --
The barbarian --
On thud and blunder --
Interloper --
Pact --
Superstition --
Fantasy in the age of science --
The visitor --
Bullwinch's mythology. Vickie wakes in a world not her own where she is befriended by three companions, who accompany her to the land of Cerulea. There they hope to find the secrets to help her return home. Part 1 Systems considerations: evolution of satellite technology and applications; satellite links and access methods; issues in satellite system management. Part 2 Broadcast and multicast links to multiple users: television applications and standards; digital video and audio compression standards; direct-to-home (DTH) satellite television broadcasting; satellite digital audio radio service (S-DARS). Part 3 Bidirectional and interactive networks for voice and data: data communication and VSAT networks; fixed telephony satellite networks; mobile satellite service (GEO and non-GEO). Part 4 Regulatory and business affairs: frequency coordination and regulation of services; the business of satellite communications. On cover: Tʻien chan pʻai chin-na. A collection of 15 fantasy short stories which carry the reader into strange worlds of imagination and adventure. Boyer's conception of reconstructionism: old order/new order --
Creativity type II: designing and creating world futures --
Education for survival --
Reconstructive versus expansive planning: a reconsideration of educational roles --
Planning education and systems change --
Universities and social priorities --
Reconstructing social science --
Toward an ecological perspective in education --
Environmental rights: legal standing for future generations --
Electing the future --
Are children born unequal? / Co-authored with Paul Walsh --
Have our schools kept us free? --
Oversight in value education --
Teaching capitalist economics in American public schools --
Economic miseducation --
Defining peace studies --
War education --
Junior ROTC: militarism in the schools --
Misunderstanding defense --
World order education: what is it? --
The de-institutionalization of war --
Armed forces ideology: our mistraught GIs --
Teaching peace education through various subject areas --
Obsolete U.S. politics fail to deter global terrorism --
A transition glossary --
Original sources of articles: permissions granted. Vol. 2 / with a new introduction by Shusha Guppy. 1989. Abridged. Icpl.: Expl. IFI, PHYS ohne Diskette. Guide to Related Topics --
List of Maps --
Reference Entries --
Primary Documents --
Appendices --
Chronology --
Glossary --
About the Author. Introduction and constitutional issues --
Statutory coverage --
Employment discrimination --
Educational discrimination --
Public accommodations discrimination --
Discrimination in government services and federally funded programs --
Housing, transportation, telecommunications, and additional discrimination topics. "A Tor book." "Taking the principles and skills taught in ActionScript 3.0 in Flash CS3 Professional Essential Training, Adobe Certified Instructor Todd Perkins demonstrates how to put them to practical use in this course. Todd fully explores ActionScript's most powerful features, including creating advanced navigational interfaces and special effects using XML data and adding accessibility to files via closed captioning. Exercise files accompany the tutorials."--Resource description page. [1]. TI volume --
[2]. HP volume. Part 1 Patients' Horror Stories From Within a Troubled System 1 --
Part 2 The Dangers--and Their Solutions 13 --
Part 3 Proper Use of the Emergency Room 125 --
Part 4 How To Avoid Pediatric Perils 155 --
Part 5 Emergency Room Alternatives: Where Else Can I Turn? 175 --
Appendix A Common Emergency Room Staff 183 --
Appendix B Specialists 184 --
Appendix C Stocking Your Medicine Chest with Commonly Needed Remedies 186 --
Appendix D ER Visit Log 190. Originally published: New York : D. Appleton, 1901.
Subtitle from 1901 title page.
Reprint of the 1901 ed. originally published as v. 37 of the International education series.