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Read book First role play : progression in play for babies and children by Sally Featherstone; Liz Williams; Martha Hardy MOBI, EPUB, DJV, AZW

Author: Sally Featherstone; Liz Williams; Martha Hardy
Publisher: Husbands Bosworth : Featherstone Education, 2007.
ISBNISSN: 9781906029029, 1906029024
Notes: 40 pages : illustrations ; 11 x 30 cm.
Responsibility: First role play : progression in play for babies and children
Preface : men who dared to fail --
The long and rugged road : the first 2,500 years --
The first steps forward : boldness and delicacy (Robert Gross, Clarence Crafoord) --
Blue babies : the battle to save their lives (Alfred Blalock, Russell Brock) --
The seeing finger : opening obstructed valves (Charles Bailey, Dwight Harken) --
Six minutes! : hypothermia and the race against time (Wilfred Bigelow, F. John Lewis, Henry Swan) --
Far-fetched ideas : the concept of the heart-lung machine (Clarence Dennis, John Gibbon Jr., Viking Bjork, Ake Senning) --
Innovation and risk : the golden Minneapolis era (C. Walton Lillehei, Richard Varco) --
The iceman cometh : establishing the heart-lung machine (John Kirklin) --
Bionic men : artificial materials and mechanical valves (Arthur Vorhees, Charles Hufnagel, and Albert Starr) --
Life from death : human valve transplants (Donald Ross and Brian Barrett-Boyes) --
The flood gates open : surgery for coronary artery disease (Vasilii Kolesov and Rene Favaloro) --
The ultimate operation : heart transplantation (Norman Shumway, James Hardy, and Christiaan Barnard) --
In the realm of science fiction : mechanical hearts (Willem Kolff, Michael Debakey, Denton Cooley, and William Devries) --
The right stuff : those magnificent men and their heart-lung machines. Open Heart tells the story behind the amazing advances in cardiovascular medicine as performed by the maverick doctors who strived to perfect them. Having interviewed many of the greatest heart surgeons in person during the past 20 years, this book benefits from the emption and excitement of these surgeons' own words. These men affect everyday lives even more than the early astronauts, who, like these surgeons, had "the right stuff." But who were they? What drove them to perform the feats they did? Beginning with Claudius Galen, second century A.D. physician to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, and his observations of fallen gladiators, to the major 20th century innovators, Open Heart tells the stories and highlights from the careers of the greatest heart surgeons, including Christiaan Barnard, Denton Cooley, Michael Debakey, and many others. Because of these bold and brilliant physicians, blue babies no longer die at birth, young people can live well into old age, and damaged organs can be transplanted with healthy ones. All Mike needs to travel the world and have adventures, is a helmet and his bicycle. Includes original music. How reading comprehension works --
Passage and question types --
Full length section practice --
The test day experience. Col. illustrated covers.
Cover title.
Science fiction graphic novel.
Script by Frank Miller, art by Dave Gibbons, colouring by Robin Smith. Previous edition: 2006. Previous edition: 2004.
Includes index. V. 1: Homes & gardens --
v. 2: Travel & entertainment --
v. 3: Health & welfare --
v. 4: Death & taxes. Page-turning signals are the sounds of bouncing balls, monsters in the hall and a cycle bell.