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Read book 25 Biggest and Best Projects : DIY Hacks for Multi-functional Furniture, Clever Storage Upgrades, Space-saving Solutions and More. by Jules Yap RTF, FB2, AZW, DJVU

Author: Jules Yap
Publisher: Pgw 2017.
ISBNISSN: 9781612436708, 1612436706
Notes: 304 pages
Responsibility: 25 Biggest and Best Projects : DIY Hacks for Multi-functional Furniture, Clever Storage Upgrades, Space-saving Solutions and More.
Edition: Print book : English

Editors of series : Edesio Sánchez and Steven M. Voth. "Abridged version of the previously published book Crocheted accessories (2012)." Fantail dove --
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Techniques. Acknowledgements ixForeword by Lance-Sergeant Johnson Beharry VC xiiiAuthor's Royalties xviiLord Ashcroft and Bravery xixPreface xxiChapter 1: A Passion for the VC 1Chapter 2: The Crimean War 21Chapter 3: The Indian Mutiny and Beyond 57Chapter 4: The Second Anglo-Boer War and Beyond 107Chapter 5: The First World War and Beyond: Army VCs 133Chapter 6: The First World War: Naval and Air VCs 255Chapter 7: The Second World War 305Select Bibliography 359Picture Credits 365Index 367 Includes indexes. Originally published: Oxford : Infinite Ideas, 2006.
Includes index. 1. I've got a bit of a problem 2. Solve it like Sherlock 3. Capture your thoughts 4. Get to the point 5. Buddy can you spare a paradigm 6. Watch out for discontinuities 7. Thinks ain't what they used to be 8. Become a systems thinker 9. It's all news to me 10. Why use your own brain when you can borrow other people's? 11. Probably, possibly, who knows... 12. Creatively swipe 13. Learn to be an optimist 14. Trust, but verify 15. Darwin rules... 16. Little ideas mean a lot 17. Festina lente 18. Kick-start your creativity 19. De-junk your life 20. What did the Greeks ever do for us? 21. It's good to talk 22. Make the best decision you can 23. Take a walk on the Wilde side 24. Innovate 25. Manoeuvre like Machiavelli 26. Feed your head 27. Let's hear it for the poise 28. Caught in a decision trap 29. Technology: be a leader not a laggard 30. Questions, questions 31. Excel is not just a spreadsheet 32. Hegel don't bother me 33. Should I share or should I hoard? 34. Trust me - I'm a salesman 35. From Masterchef to Mastermind - eat your way to genius 36. Memories are made of this 37. Become an ace storyteller 38. What is the sound of one hand clapping? 39. Throw me a fricking de Bono 40. Bring your body up to scratch 41. Be a first-class conversationalist 42. OK, repeat after me... 43. Cut the crap 44. Pick a card, but not any card 45. Ain't nothing like the real thing 46. Build up your Intellectual Capital 47. Develop a Plan B 48. Nothing fails like success 49. Create multiple futures 50. Take the long view 51. Maintain your brain 52. Make it happen Cover Page; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Introduction: Underdogs of the Art World; PART ONE: GETTING STARTED; Chapter 1: There Was a Hole in My Education; Chapter 2: Home Is Where the Creativity Is; Chapter 3: Show and Tell; PART TWO: GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS; Chapter 4: Open for Business; Chapter 5: At Your Service; Chapter 6: Let's Talk Numbers; Chapter 7: Different Strokes for Creative Folks; Chapter 8: Handling Problems the Creative Way; PART THREE: GETTING INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY; Chapter 9: Bring Your Talents to the Table; Resources; Acknowledgments: Kudos All Around; Permissions. Build Your Own Thriving Illustration BusinessThe boundaries between art, design and illustration are blurring, and with all the new opportunities for visual creatives, now is the perfect time to unleash your talent on the world!Breaking Into Freelance Illustration provides a step-by-step roadmap for promoting yourself and running your creative business. You'll find up-to-date advice about best business practices, ideas for new promotional tools, answers to common questions and words of wisdom and inspiration from top illustrators. This book shows you how to:Set up a home office and balance you. Cover; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Chapter 1: Getting Started; Chapter 2: Business Plans; Chapter 3: Prospecting For Clients; Chapter 4: Getting Clients By Direct Mail and Advertising; Chapter 5: Attracting Clients With Free Publicity; Chapter 6: Pricing Your Services; Chapter 7: Writing Proposals; Chapter 8: Presenting Proposals; Chapter 9: Handling Legal Issues; Chapter 10: Understanding Finance; Chapter 11: Streetwise Advice; Chapter 12: Forms, Templates, and Samples; Index. Contents: Introduction; GENERAL: Science and religion in the 17th century; Alchemy and natural magic in Raleigh's History of the World; PARACELSUS AND VAN HELMONT: Sart and science: the Paracelsian vision; Paracelsus and Protestant millenarianism in 16th-17th century England; Paracelsus and the Puritan Revolution; The Helmontian-Galenist controversy in Restoration England; NEWTON: Newton and the 'Pipes of Pan'; Newton's alchemical studies; Voltaire and the Enlightenment image of Newton; HISTORIOGRAPHY AND 'PHILOSOPHY oF SCIENCE': The intellectual origins of the Royal Society; Recovering the Paracelsian milieu; Reform as renovatio in 16th-century sciences and medicine; Early-modern art, 'practical' mathematics and matter theory; The social interpretation of science in the 17th century; Puritanism and science: The 'Merton thesis' after fifty years; Hayek, Popper and scientism; History and philosophy of science and multicultural science teaching; Index. ""COVER""; ""CONTENTS""; ""ACKNOWLEDGMENTS""; ""PREFACE: Why a Book on Rubber?""; ""INTRODUCTION: The Muscles and Sinews of Industrial Society""; ""PART ONE: From the sacred essence of life to the muscles and sinews of industrial society""; ""1. Rubber in Mesoamerican Civilizations""; ""2. Rubber in the Industrial Revolution""; ""3. The Dark Side of the Rubber Revolution""; ""PART TWO: Wild rubber: a primitive “mode of extraction�""; ""4. The Amazon Rubber Boom""; ""5. The Lives of the Seringueiros""; ""6. There is No Sin Beyond the Equator"" ""7. Heart of Darkness: Rubber and Blood on the Congo""""8. Gutta-Percha, Telegraphs, Imperialism, and Ecology""; ""PART THREE: Monopoly capitalism in Akron""; ""9. “Rubber�s Home Town�""; ""10. The 1913 IWW Strike at Akron""; ""11. Sisters, Brothers, Unite! The Rubber Workers� Union in Akron""; ""PART FOUR: Plantation hevea: agribusiness and imperialism""; ""12. The Triumph of Plantation Hevea""; ""13. The Planters� World""; ""14. The Coolie Diaspora""; ""15. The Coolies� World""; ""16. Coolie Revolts""; ""PART FIVE: Synthetic rubber, war and autarky"" ""17. The Long Road to Monowitz""""18. Monowitz: “A Bulwark of Germandom�""; ""19. The Only Way Out Is Up the Chimney""; ""20. The Allied Struggle for Rubber in the Second World War""; ""21. War Is Good for Business""; ""EPILOGUE: Rubber in the Postwar World""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""NOTES""; ""INDEX""; ""A""; ""B""; ""C""; ""D""; ""E""; ""F""; ""G""; ""H""; ""I""; ""J""; ""K""; ""L""; ""M""; ""N""; ""O""; ""P""; ""Q""; ""R""; ""S""; ""T""; ""U""; ""V""; ""W""; ""Y""; ""Z"" Capital, as Marx once wrote, comes into the world "dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt." He might well have been describing the long, grim history of rubber. From the early stages of primitive accumulation to the heights of the industrial revolution and beyond, rubber is one of a handful of commodities that has played a crucial role in shaping the modern world, and yet, as John Tully shows in this remarkable book, laboring people around the globe have every reason to regard it as "the devil's milk." All the advancements made possible by rubber-industrial machinery.