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Read book Physics of shock and impact. Volume 1, Fundamentals and dynamic failure by D E Grady; Institute of Physics (Great Britain), RTF, PRC, AZW, DOC

Author: D E Grady; Institute of Physics (Great Britain),
Publisher: Bristol [England] (Temple Circus, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6HG, UK) : IOP Publishing, [2017]
ISBNISSN: 9780750312547, 0750312548, 9780750312561, 0750312564
Genre: Electronic books
Notes: 1 PDF (various pagings) : illustrations (chiefly color).
Responsibility: Physics of shock and impact. Volume 1, Fundamentals and dynamic failure
Other titles: Fundamentals and dynamic failure.
Edition: eBook : Document : English
"Version: 20171201"--Title page verso.
1. Shocks and structured waves --
1.1. Introduction --
1.2. Waves in solids --
1.3. Large-amplitude waves --
1.4. The shock wave --
1.5. Waves of restricted form --
1.6. Spall waves and the spallation of solids 2. Dynamic fragmentation of solids and liquids --
2.1. Introduction --
2.2. Size distributions and probabilistic methods in dynamic fragmentation --
2.3. Fragment size in dynamic fragmentation --
2.4. Dynamic fragmentation in brittle materials --
2.5. Shock fragmentation : a summary 3. Applications in dynamic fragmentation--physics --
3.1. Introduction --
3.2. Fragmentation in the dynamic failure process --
3.3. Fragmentation through thinning and stretching instability --
3.4. Selected applications in dynamic fragmentation 4. Applications in dynamic fragmentation--engineering --
4.1. Introduction --
4.2. Impact spall fragmentation --
4.3. Equivalent Hugoniot fragmentation --
4.4. Gurney equations and dynamic fragmentation 5. Thermoplastic deformation localization in solids --
5.1. Introduction --
5.2. Physics of thermoplastic shear localization --
5.3. Dimensional characteristics of thermoplastic shear localization --
5.4. Stability analysis of thermoplastic shear localization --
5.5. Two-temperature theory of thermoplastic shear localization --
5.6. Application to adiabatic shear in metals --
5.7. Commonalities of adiabatic shear and fracture toughness --
5.8. Summary and discussion.
Physics of Shock and Impact' deals with the shock physics of solids with emphasis on impact applications that are brought about by intense energy stimulation. Comprising two volumes, this work covers physical, material, mechanical and thermodynamic fundamentals of shock physics. The various chapters also include a range of analytic solutions that address topics in the many applications involving shock physics. Volume 1, Fundamentals and dynamic failure, provides an introduction to the fundamentals of shockwave physics and progresses to the modes of shock failure through spall, fragmentation and shear localization.
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11. Hearsay evidence --
12. Privilege, public interest immunity and disclosure --
13. Evidence of bad character --
14. Evidence of identification --
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16. Human rights --
17. The Mental element in crime --
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19. Offences against the person --
20. Sexual offences --
21. Offences under the Theft and Fraud Acts --
22. Forgery, personation and cheating --
23. Criminal damage and kindred offences --
24. Firearms and offensive weapons --
25. Offences against the Crown and Government --
26. Money laundering offences --
27. Harmful or dangerous drugs --
28. Offences against public justice --
29. Public order offences --
30. Commerce, financial markets and insolvency --
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33. Conspiracy, encouragement and attempt to commit crime. Kept up-to-date by supplements. First supplement to the 2010 Edition up-to date to October 16, 2009. Includes index. v. 1. Pages 1-2418 -- v. 2. Pages 2419-3694. Title from cover.
"National Trust."
Detachable fold-out timeline attached to inside front cover.
Sheets of stickers in booklet attached to inside back cover. Combines sports medicine with fun exercises, for healthier core training. Previous ed.: 2007.
In slip case.
Includes bibliographical references and index. "NAL books."
Includes index.