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Read online book Cracking up and back again : transformation through poetry TXT, AZW, FB2

Author: Diane Leslie Kaufman
Publisher: Calgary : Palabras Press, ©2007.
ISBNISSN: 1897342101, 9781897342107
Notes: 79 unnumbered pages ; 22 cm
Responsibility: Cracking up and back again : transformation through poetry

Three novels in one book. With a mother's heart --
Listening to her heart --
Secondhand heart. Three women find new love is sometimes the best way to let go of difficult pasts. Judy is the only eyewitness to a crime that has her and her nephew running from the man who killed the boy's father. Ginny is happy to be taking care of her sick aunt but feels duped after she finds out her aunt simply wants to play matchmaker for her. Rheumatic fever led to a heart transplant for Sammy three years ago, and soon after she received her vagabond sister's three children to raise. Can the burdened hearts of these women have room for love? Includes index. Booklet in back pocket: Pocket answer section for SQA General French 2003-2007.
"Actual past papers and SQA approved answers 2007"--Cover. Translated from the Dogrib.
Accompanied by a multimedia CD-ROM in Tłıc̨ho ̨and English in pocket, p. [3] of cover. Folklore tale about how a dispute between a bear and a fox resulted in a fox's legs always looking crossed. Introduction --
A brief history --
Big business --
Growing grapes --
Making wine --
Texas wineries --
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